Signs of Spring

My friends in Canada keep posting pictures of snow on their Facebook pages. And with Spring about to begin, I heard the temperature there was -10 Celsius.

So I have been reluctant to tell them there is no winter in Sulzburg. They had record snowfall, we had no snowfall. I have these very nice new winter boots, still unused after two winters here.

Yesterday, when I walked to the grocery store in the next village, I was once again noticing how green everything is here. I think it was apple trees blooming that was the most impressive – but I didn’t think to take a picture. Or maybe it was the daisies – aren’t they supposed to be a summer flower? Mind you, there were flowers blooming here in January too.

Whichever, I took a couple of photos to add color to your Spring. Even if it is still Winter where you are.




  1. Magical photos. We have a beautiful spring day here too, in Ireland, after several dark, windy, rainy ones. Enjoying your blog as an escape from writing a take-home exam. Thanks ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Always glad to provide a diversion – but I am not responsible for your final exam marks!

      1. Of course! Thanks for the uplift ๐Ÿ™‚

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