Suitably Random

This is not the post I had planned for today. I’d blame the outbreak of nuclear war, but that would be fake news. I’m not that presidential.

I’m a little distracted by the ongoing Canadian political scandal. I’m possibly the only one who was watching online as MPs went through a succession of votes at three o’clock in the morning, their time. But I don’t want to write about Canadian politics today – I figure we could all use a break.

Nor will I write about Brexit. North Americans don’t really comprehend just how all-consuming that can be as a topic in Europe, especially in the United Kingdom. I’ve got lots to say on the subject, but not today.

I’ve got at least a half-dozen travel posts that would be ready with a little polishing. With some nice pictures to accompany them. I’m excited to share those, but not that excited today, so you’ll have to wait.

I think the problem is weather-related. It is sunny and warm (16 Celsius) as I write this. All I want to be doing is enjoying the weather. For the first time since December it seems like the Black Forest is calling – my daily walks the past few months have all been in the vineyards. Less muddy.

Time spent in the sunshine is well spent, but it is also time away from work. Once the sun goes down it is back to doing what I should be doing. There’s a deadline looming.

Or maybe my problem is technology related. I spent an hour on Tuesday dealing with Windows-related issues. Microsoft issues so many patches each month it is a wonder there is anything original left. Or maybe there isn’t. Invariably after an update I have further issues to resolve.

Wednesday’s I had to deal with the banking software on my phone. At least I had the satisfaction of being unique – the tech support people at the bank said they had never heard of the problem I was having. Got it fixed, but it was another time-consuming thing. Maybe I need a break from technology.

Therefore I decided that today would be a day when the “random” in the blog title truly applied, and I would give you a stream of consciousness, whatever was on my mind.

After all, Jerry Seinfeld made millions with a television show about nothing. Somehow I don’t think this blog will pay as well.

Thank you for reading this far. Now go and have a great day.

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