2019 Survey Results – II

In a wild fit of self-indulgence, today more results and analysis from our 2019 readers poll. Hopefully this will give a few hints as to what to expect here in the future.

The blog title says it all really, “Random Thoughts From Lorne.” If I was looking for internet fame and fortune, I would choose a topic and stick with it – that is what all the experts tell me. Fame and fortune sound like great ideas, but not if I have to work for them.

The reason I asked for your input as far as topics goes is simple: I wanted to know. My mind can go many random places – it was interesting for me to see if people were along for the ride. The results were a little surprising.

In 2016 the top five categories people wanted to read about were:  Religion, Humour, World Affairs, Travel and Leadership. This year the top five were World Affairs, Canadian Politics, Travel, Film Reviews and Book Reviews. Religion dropped from first place to eighth. Leadership was dead last (can I blame Donald Trump for that?). Last time around Book Reviews were two spots from the bottom, now they are top five. I guess the readership changes.

I will be keeping the results in mind as I choose what to post. I do need your advice though. Do you really want film reviews?

It’s not that I don’t like watching movies or writing about them. But there are no theatres in my little corner of Germany. And few English films are shown in the wider area. Most of my movie viewing is on long-haul flights, and those movies aren’t exactly new. Last summer I watched some movies that I wrote reviews for (what else is there to do on a plane?) but then didn’t post here. Should I be hauling them out? I do get the occasional screening copy of an upcoming film, but those are rare. I was surprised so many people wanted to read about films. I’ll try, but I can’t promise. Book reviews though are another matter – I have a couple of books I just finished with the reviews in my head but not yet on the computer. I have another couple of books on the go that you will hear about soon.

I did ask if there were any topics you would like to see covered here. Most people are quite happy with the eclectic mix already on offer, but there were some suggestions, including stamp collecting, bee keeping, marine biology and Indonesian cuisine. My first thought was to reject those as none is an area of passion for me, but now I am having second thoughts. I think I probably have at least one post in me on each of those topics, so we will see what the future holds.

So there you have it, my interpretation of the results. Thank you again for sharing this little corner of the internet with me. I have fun here, I hope you do too – and I am looking forward to what comes next in this space. Now if only I could think about what to post tomorrow…


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  1. It’s going to be a real mix this year then, looking forward to following. You could review classic films that you saw ages ago I guess, always interesting.

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