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Welcome to 2020!

Happy New Year! Despite what you may have read elsewhere, it is not the first day of a new decade. That comes on January 1, 2021. I have no idea how or when the idea started that decades begin with zero. I guess if enough people accept something wrong as true, it magically becomes true. […]

The Beginning, Again

It’s that day again. On August 30, 2014 I began regularly posting in this spot, resurrecting a blog that had had one entry and then been temporarily abandoned. It is amazing I remembered the password. As I do every August 30, I’m going to look back and share some thoughts from that 2014 post, where […]

Technological Challenges

This is not the post I had scheduled for today. Which has me mildly annoyed, as I had some pictures I wanted to share today. I think I mentioned I was traveling on business these days. In a perfect world I would have planned ahead and had all the posts for the time period written […]

Past Times Present

It has been a year, and I am missing my friend Bruce La Rochelle. He died one year ago today of smoking related cancer. We never did say goodbye. Bruce was the one who encouraged me to start this blog. I had been a somewhat regular contributor to his. He chose not to tell me […]

2019 Survey Results – II

In a wild fit of self-indulgence, today more results and analysis from our 2019 readers poll. Hopefully this will give a few hints as to what to expect here in the future. The blog title says it all really, “Random Thoughts From Lorne.” If I was looking for internet fame and fortune, I would choose […]

2019 Survey Results – I

No cat videos. And I don’t know where the car came from. Well, in honesty, no-one mentioned cat videos, but I figure you have YouTube for that. And my daughter’s cat does have fans, though not among people who know the beast. For ten days I asked you for feedback on this blog. I guess […]

Don’t You Love Computers?

Today’s post is photo dependent – and for some reason the photos aren’t uploading to this site. So instead of some pictures of a picturesque town you’ve never heard of before, you instead get this mini-rant. How do I know you’ve never heard of the town? I’m just guessing – we discovered it be accident […]