2019 Survey Results – I

No cat videos. And I don’t know where the car came from.

Well, in honesty, no-one mentioned cat videos, but I figure you have YouTube for that. And my daughter’s cat does have fans, though not among people who know the beast.

For ten days I asked you for feedback on this blog. I guess it is only fair to share the results. The whole idea was to have some fun – it wasn’t a scientific survey. I found it encouraging, in general people like what they see and read here. Some quick thoughts, and maybe some more details tomorrow.

Thank you so much for taking the time to answer the questions. We’ll probably do the same thing again in another two years or so.

Those filling out the survey were regular readers. Makes sense really, why would you invest the three minutes if you weren’t already regularly investing the time? 65% of respondents (I’m rounding percentages for this post since we aren’t being scientific) read this post daily. Or try to – I’ve been averaging 350 posts a year, so there are days when I disappoint those people. I apologize for that.

I have a friend who has taught me the acronym TLDR, which he explains stands for “Too Long, Didn’t Read.” He has a short attention span, and I gather he isn’t alone. That is why I posed the question about the length of the posts – no point in writing if people won’t read it. And I can write shorter pieces if I want – I used to write radio commercials. Mind you, it takes a lot more work to fill 30 seconds and this is supposed to be a hobby, not work.

It was therefore nice to see that 80% of people thought my usual 600 words or so was just the right length. The rest of you thought the posts were too short. From that I infer that you aren’t finding the pieces boring.

As far as the look of the posts go, 15% of respondents feel it is time for a new look, 25% don’t want change and 60% don’t care. I didn’t take the survey, but I do think the picture at the top of the post, which I took in Saddam Hussein’s bedroom, probably should be refreshed. Maybe something from Germany, I have a couple of ideas. All I need now is the time to decide.

Now, about the car. One person who filled out the survey did so in the hopes of winning a new car, or at least that is what they wrote in the comments section. I have some sad news – they didn’t win. I’d tell them privately, but they didn’t leave contact information, so I have no way of knowing who it was, given that it was an anonymous survey. It did get me to thinking though.

From time to time I have considered giving away prizes here. It always seemed like too much work though, not to mention shipping costs. I’m open to suggestions if you think there is a way to do it. Maybe an e-book giveaway might be possible, or digital music downloads. I’ll give it some thought, though don’t expect any contests in the near future.

As for the car, I hate to disappoint. The reality is though, I just don’t have a new car in my pocket to give away.

Maybe next time.

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