Is The Soup Ready?

Pretty much everyone  has a mobile phone these days, which means pretty much everyone is carrying a camera, often with video capabilities. That means you can record what you see for posterity if you are so inclined.

YouTube is filled with millions of videos taken on cell phones by people who wanted to preserve the moment. Some are funny, some are poignant, others are pointless. I know people who spend a lot of time watching such videos. I understand the appeal, even if I don’t indulge in it myself.

Sometimes though a picture is good enough. Not everything requires video. Especially if you are trying not to be noticed.img_20181125_1400247

I took today’s pictures on the train to Freiburg a couple of months ago. I wanted to preserve the moment, but at the same time I didn’t want to be seen doing so. I have no idea what the reaction of the young men with the soup ladle would have been if they had noticed my phone pointed in their direction.

Maybe if my German was better I would have asked what the story was, why the ladle was hanging from the overhead rack. Was it a college ritual? A Satanic rite? (This is the Black Forest after all.) Was it being taken to a friend’s house where everyone would share some soup, and the friend’s ladle had broken? Had it just been purchased at a flea market?

And why hang it from the luggage rack? Why not hold it in your lap? Why not carry it in a bag? I wanted to know – but I wasn’t going to ask.

So I took a couple of pictures and I’ll ask you instead. There was no soup in sight. Can you think of any reason to hang a soup ladle from the overhead rack?

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  1. Alexander Sandy Davidson · · Reply

    These radio frequency mufflers are normally worn over the head like a hat. The long grounding lever doesn’t have to drag along the ground. I find that just touching the ground occasionally works well to drown out the CIA and alien transmissions that attempt to control me. As for travel on the train, the passenger probably couldn’t get his device to fit while sitting down, but still wanted to deflect as many waves aa possible.

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    1. What a great idea! Now I have to go back to Freiburg to buy my own ladle – there are no stores in Sulzburg. There are however a couple of psychiatrists, maybe I should just consult them instead and save the train fare.

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