Evening Falls


I had a book review all ready to go for today, then yesterday evening I went out for a walk. That made me change my mind.

I try to get some exercise in every day, which for me means a walk, either in the Black Forest or the vineyards near Sulzburg. Early to mid-afternoons seem the most likely time –  it is still sunny and breaks up the work day, giving me (in theory anyway) renewed energy when I get back to work.

Yesterday though I was working on a project that had been slowly progressing for months. The end was in sight. So I just plowed through the afternoon and finally finished just  before five. It felt good – I’d been working on it on and off for six months. But I had missed my walk.

It was getting dark, but I decided to head out anyway. It was Friday afternoon, and that meant the farmers’ market would be set up in the square around the corner. That’s more impressive than it sounds – on a good day there are three stalls, one for meat, one for veggies and one for pickled things.

When I got to the square, just after five, there was nothing happening. The vendors were packing up, even though the market is supposed to last until 6. I guess it must have been a slow day.

Since I was out, I figured I would walk up and down some city streets – it was already too dark for the forest, and it appeared a fog was settling in. Exercise isn’t particular about where you take it, even if the view from the streets might not be that aesthetically pleasing.

That’s when I snapped these pictures. The one above is the old church, now a museum, taken from just behind the old city walls. What looks like a sunset is actually a spotlight shining on the side of the building in the market square. With the fog drifting in I thought it was a nice effect. The dark shape on the right is an abandoned watchtower. I’d love to try and climb it, but it is in someone’s back yard.

The picture below is the same view from the market square. Not as other-worldly.

One of these days I’m planning on entering the museum and getting some of its history as well as that of the city. I figure my German has reached the stage that I can puzzle out a lot of the information.

I don’t know when the building stopped being a church. It’s not the oldest church in town. That is St. Cyriak, which is more than a thousand years old. This one, if I read the old maps correctly, belongs with the “schloss” – a word I translate as castle but in Sulzburg is more like a manor house. I guess the nobility wanted their own church. Or maybe St. Cyriak wasn’t open to the public but just to those from the attached cloister.

One of these days I’ll find out. Until then, we have these pictures.




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