The Big Game

Last November, for the first time in years, I didn’t watch the Grey Cup game, the Canadian Football League championship. I decided the midnight start was a  bit too late given that I had to work in the morning.

Tonight’s game is another midnight start (my time), but I will be watching.

If I had been in Ottawa last year I would have gone to the game since we were the host city. But once the hometown RedBlacks were eliminated in the Eastern Final I didn’t have the same incentive to stay up late and watch. Judging from the post-game accounts, I slept through a good one.

This year the RedBlacks are once again in the big game, the third time in their five year history (they won it in 2016). Pretty impressive for an expansion team. As a loyal fan I will be watching online. Though I’m hoping to grab a few hours sleep before game time.

If you have never watched a CFL game, tonight might be a good time to start. The RedBlacks are up against the Calgary Stampeders, who have dominated the league in the regular season the past few years, but haven’t had the same success in the post-season. Indeed, Ottawa beat Calgary in an overtime thriller in the 2016 Grey Cup game.   

Once again the RedBlacks are underdogs tonight, and once again I expect them to be victorious. If not I’ll look a little foolish, changing my schedule to watch my team lose. And it’s not just about Sunday night, it is about Monday also.

Hockey fans know that after the NHL the best league in the world is the KHL, the Continental Hockey League, most of whose teams are Russia based. I had planned to drive to Zurich Monday evening (a little more than two hours) watch a game between Riga and St. Petersburg, then drive home again.

I presume the KHL games in Zurich are to increase awareness of the brand, somewhat like NHL games in Sweden. I’d love to see one – but of I have been up all night there is no way I want to be driving Swiss highways the following evening. Train prices were ridiculous, so I guess I might have to wait until next year.

If the RedBlacks win the Grey Cup I’ll have no regrets. If they lose…  

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