No Partridge…

…but I did find a pear tree.


Yesterday was a beautiful day, so I took a mid-afternoon break fro a walk through the vineyards at the edge of town, choosing to go west instead of my usual east. (East is closer and less hilly.)

I had heard that it was zero Celsius back in Canada, so it seemed to make sense to enjoy sunny and 15 degrees while I had the chance. Tomorrow’s post will have some pictures of the view. Today though, visual representation of  yesterday’s dilemma.

After a year here I think I understand a few of the rules, which are more custom than codified. I know where I can pick cherries in the spring and walnuts in the fall. I know the rules for snacking on grapes in the vineyards. But I wasn’t sure about the pear tree I came across yesterday.

It is in a field overlooking Sulzburg from the west. I presume it is private property, as it seems to be part of a small orchard containing a few apple and pear trees. Yet there was a section of fence missing, so anyone who wants to can enter. When I first passed by there was a couple of people, probably walkers like me, doing Yoga exercises.

There were no apples left on the apple trees, but hundreds on the ground in various states of decay. I wondered if anyone was harvesting them. The same for the pears; there were a lot on the ground, but still plenty on the trees.

What do you do in a situation like that? Can anyone who wishes take a pear or two? Or was it, as I first thought, private property? How can you tell? There wasn’t anyone around to ask.

As tempting as it was to take a dozen or so, I refrained. I figured my language skills aren’t up to trying to explain should the owner (if there is one) put in an appearance. Maybe next year, when my German is better, I’ll be a little bolder.

One comment

  1. You should check this first, but I think this is the phrase you need,

    Nein, meine Kleidung ist nicht mit Birnen gefüllt. Ich habe einen medizinischen Zustand.

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