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2020 In Review – A Bowl of Cherries

This was the most popular of my 2020 offerings, the third most-viewed post of the year. It surprises me how some posts maintain their popularity from year to year. An I wouldn’t have expected this one to top the 2020 offerings. Fruit is always popular I guess. No, seriously, I have no idea why people […]

Life Is Like A Bowl Of Cherries

Offhand I can’t think of any public fruit in Canada. It seems quite common in Germany. By public fruit, I mean fruit trees on public property where anyone can enjoy the harvest. And with the higher temperatures in my area, there seems to be a variety. October is when the walnuts seem to be at […]

No Partridge…

…but I did find a pear tree. Yesterday was a beautiful day, so I took a mid-afternoon break fro a walk through the vineyards at the edge of town, choosing to go west instead of my usual east. (East is closer and less hilly.) I had heard that it was zero Celsius back in Canada, […]