Another Walk In The Vineyards

It was a hazy Sunday afternoon, and the cool weather has finally started. For me that means the leftover grapes in the fields are getting close to my preferred temperature.

I like them cool, as if they had been refrigerated. Warm grapes don’t appeal to me. So I was pleased that, for whatever reason, there are still some left on the vines on the hillside outside Sulzburg.

What I can’t figure out is why these weren’t harvested. As far as I know, all the grapes around here are grown for wine production.  That harvest is past. Ice wine isn’t a big thing here – I think it doesn’t get cold enough.

Some of the grapes are shriveling on the vines and look as if they are well on their way to becoming raisins. I thought that might be why they were left, but my wife tells me they don’t make raisins by letting them dry where they are. That made sense – I should have known that.

So it’s a minor mystery, not one I will lose any sleep over. I enjoyed the walk, which I think may have been my first one since April in which I didn’t wear shorts.

It was a hazy day, but I still thought these pictures worth sharing.




  1. Nice photos, some of those grapes look good to eat. Can’t beat cool grapes straight from the vine.

    1. The purple ones were very tasty.

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