Inflated Prices


It was a taste of home, almost.

Admittedly Dunkin’ Donuts isn’t Tim Hortons, but the products do have similarities. At least I think they do – it must be 20 years since I last had one of their donuts.

In Canada there is a Tim Hortons on every street corner, or so it seems. The place is popular. Not that I indulged very often. But a donut is comfort food in a way – they never seem to change.

They don’t have donuts in Germany, at least not where we live. I can’t say I’ve missed them either. Well, perhaps occasionally. (In the same way there is a McDonald’s four villages over from us. I have no desire to eat there, though I do enjoy their food from time to time. It is nice though to have the option.)

Yesterday in Bern Switzerland, I saw a Dunkin’ Donuts store and was tempted. A taste of home would be nice, even if my last visit home was only a month ago. Then I saw the price.

In Canada, if I remember correctly, a Tim Hortons donut is 95 cents. Plus tax, which brings it to about $1.05.

One donut in Bern was 3.40 Swiss francs. I did a double take at that. I did some mental conversions, figured I must have it wrong, and grabbed my phone to look up the exchange rate.

One donut. $4.47 Canadian. I doubt that would tempt even a donut fanatic. Switzerland has a reputation for high prices, but that seemed ridiculous. Still, somebody must be buying donuts, or the store wouldn’t stay in business.

The pricing confused me though. Later in the day I was walking past a store that advertised alcoholic drinks from around the world. Out of curiosity I walked in and checked the price of Canadian beer.

The selection was limited, but one of the beers cost less per bottle than a donut. I don’t think you would ever find that in Canada! How, with shipping costs they still can sell beer for less than the cost of a store-baked donut?

I’ll never understand these things.


One comment

  1. The pricing for exported food and drink is a total mystery. When different items are 3 or 4 times as expensive alongside something that’s actually cheaper! Never understood it. (Absolutely love Tim Hortons though)

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