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In The Mail

I was wandering in downtown Bern, the Swiss capital, when I came across this monument commemorating the founding of the Universal Postal Union. It is amazing what is sometimes found to be worthy of public art. Sending something by mail seems almost a forgotten reminder of another era in these days of electronic communication. I […]

View From The Terrace

Berne (also spelled Bern), the Swiss capital, reminded me a lot of Canada’s capital, Ottawa when I visited in 2018. Both cities have a relaxed feel, big enough to have whatever you want/need – without the traffic. I only have vague memories of my first visit to Berne, in 1986. I remember seeing the famous […]

Inflated Prices

It was a taste of home, almost. Admittedly Dunkin’ Donuts isn’t Tim Hortons, but the products do have similarities. At least I think they do – it must be 20 years since I last had one of their donuts. In Canada there is a Tim Hortons on every street corner, or so it seems. The […]