IMG_20180729_1307450We saw the banner for weeks, every time we drove through Britzingen. Winefest was coming.

The town has a reputation for the excellence of its wines, so a festival seems appropriate. We stopped by on the Sunday, since we drive through Britzingen after church. The main street was closed, there was parking along the detour route and I’m trying to take part in local customs.

There was a band playing on the main street and there seem to be a lot of food options, though none were overly enticing to me that day. The wine for sale was at an inflated price, or so I was told by those in the know. I guess that is for the tourists. I am not a tourist. IMG_20180729_1300063

I had hoped for a winery tour but didn’t see anything being offered. Mind you, I didn’t look terribly hard. It was hot, and I guess I wasn’t in the mood to really explore. After all, Britzingen is only an hour’s walk from our home in Sulzburg. We’ve walked it several times in the past year and will do so again in the coming year.

On an earlier visit to Britzingen we had hoped to see the inside of the church – it is supposed to be one of the nicest in the area. On that day we arrived just after the doors were locked for the day. During Winefest there were vendors set up around the church. The one door we tried was locked, and we didn’t try any others. We heard the next day that the church was unlocked, we just missed the right door. Next visit I guess.

I’m not sure what I was expecting, but somehow the festival seemed a little bit of a letdown. There were a few activities for children, such as face painting, but not all that much. The band wasn’t playing my type of music, and I wasn’t in the mood for food and drink. IMG_20180729_1312419

The problem was, I realized later, that the Britzingen Winefest is a social event, and on that particular Sunday I wasn’t feeling all that social. My German is limited, and after two hours at church I was ready for a break, not for more German.

Next year, knowing more about what to expect, I’ll be better prepared. We’ll go with someone and make a meal of it. By then it shouldn’t matter what language is being spoken.


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