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Sex Education

You thought you knew all about the birds and the bees, but what about the moths? That probably wasn’t even on the curriculum! You never know what you will learn when you are out for a walk. My wife pointed out this red wire to me yesterday as we took an early morning walk through […]


We saw the banner for weeks, every time we drove through Britzingen. Winefest was coming. The town has a reputation for the excellence of its wines, so a festival seems appropriate. We stopped by on the Sunday, since we drive through Britzingen after church. The main street was closed, there was parking along the detour […]

Harvest Festival

Caught the tail end of the parade in Ihringen last Sunday. Thousands of people were lining the streets, tourists mostly as it is a small town. I couldn’t get close to the action and had to settle for some shots from farther away. I think the throngs may be explained by the sharing of the […]

A Walk in the Vineyard

It is always nice when you can combine business with pleasure. Last week, having newly arrived in Germany, I had a leisurely walk with my new boss. It was supposed to be a half hour, just to stretch our legs, but it was a gorgeous sunny afternoon, and there was no reason we couldn’t talk […]