Car Show – V

Time to wrap up our car series from this year’s edition of the Mullheim city festival. You can probably tell from the posts of the past few days that I enjoyed myself.
Will I go again next year? I wonder. I suspect most of the vehicles will be the same, so why bother? Then again, the show is held on a Sunday a block from church. Since I’m in the neighborhood anyway, I imagine I’ll check out the 2019 edition. And by then I might even know enough German to ask the owners about their vehicles. Or at least wrangle a ride in the parade.
Today a mixed bag of vehicles to close us off. I didn’t count how many pictures I took, and there’s no way you are going to get to see them all, but you’ll have gotten my favorites anyway, or most of them.
Let’s start off with a French Citroen convertible.
Here’s a 1968 Goggomobile. I’d never heard of this German car before!
 I thought it was a Chevy Corvette – but it is an Opel. Who knew?
 I didn’t see a manufacturer listed on the French Army Jeep. At least, I think it is a Jeep.

Okay, that’s it for the car show. I’ll save the other hundred or so pictures for another day maybe.

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