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Gutedel Tag – The Event I

  They really did it. They shut the highway down for 14 kilometres for a giant wine tasting, Gutedel Tag (Gutedel Day). It was a great party. Turns out the shuttle buses didn’t start running until 6 p.m., by which time I was home, so I didn’t get to see it all. Sulzburg’s location, at […]

They Are Doing What!?

Somehow I missed this event last year. And when I saw the poster on a light post earlier this week I was flabbergasted. I know this is a big wine producing area. And I know that the specialty wine exclusive to this part of Germany is a white wine called Gutedel. So it makes sense […]

Train Confusion

When life gets busy my memory gets hazy, or so it seems sometimes. I remember writing this post. I thought I remembered posting it. But it turns out I didn’t, which may be a good thing: by now the statute of limitations on my crime has probably expired. And by the way, if you haven’t […]

He Who Must Not Be Named

It’s been 20 years or so since the first of the Harry Potter novels was published, sparking a reading craze and transforming author J.K. Rowling from impoverished single mother into the world’s richest woman. A generation has grown up with the books (and the subsequent movie adaptations). They are a powerful marketing force, and Rowling […]

Another Art Exhibit

I don’t think I knew there was an art gallery inside the Markgrafler¬†Museum in Mullheim. Then again, many days I am unsure of just what I know. I chalk it down to trying to live in my third (or fourth if you count Latin) language. The art gallery is the middle floor of the museum, […]

Longing For Home

One of the first things I did upon arrival in Germany last fall was empty my wallet. The Canadian cash was put away the day we arrived; the credit cards once I had German ones. The day I return to Canada I will put my Canadian money back in the wallet, retaining a few Euros, […]

Car Show – V

Time to wrap up our car series from this year’s edition of the Mullheim city festival. You can probably tell from the posts of the past few days that I enjoyed myself. Will I go again next year? I wonder. I suspect most of the vehicles will be the same, so why bother? Then again, […]

Car Show – IV

As you would expect to find in Germany, the car show held as part of the annual Mullheim city festival was dominated by cars from German manufacturers, especially Mercedes and BMW. For me though, there were a few surprises. It wasn’t that there were relatively few Volkswagens on display. After all, if you have seen […]

Car Show – III

Happy Independence Day! If you are an American this is a big thing, even if the holiday does fall on a Wednesday this year.¬† For the rest of us, it is just another summer day. I could go on a rant about America’s history and place in the world, its politics and social problems, but […]

Car Show – II

Mostly pictures today, from Sunday’s car show that was held as part of the Mullheim Stadtfest, or City Festival. There were a lot of vehicles I had never seen before outside of books and movies. That’s what happened when you are in Europe I guess – there were certainly no old Fords. No really old […]