Car Show – IV

As you would expect to find in Germany, the car show held as part of the annual Mullheim city festival was dominated by cars from German manufacturers, especially Mercedes and BMW. For me though, there were a few surprises.

It wasn’t that there were relatively few Volkswagens on display. After all, if you have seen one classic Beetle, you have seen them all. And there were plenty of Porsches, those other Volkswagens. (I  case you  didn’t know it, the original Beetle was designed by Ferdinand Porsche.) What surprised me was a few Ford models that were Germany only, and a BMW that is obviously the ancestor of today’s Smart Car. Who knew?

So today a photographic look at those German autos on display, or at least a sampling of them.

Let’s start with a candy-apple red Porsche 356C from 1964.

That other “Porsche,” a classic Beetle in both regular and convertible versions.

I don’t think of Mercedes as a military truck maker, but then again, as I mentioned earlier this week, I’m not a car guy.

I think this was the oldest car in the show – a 1931 BMW Dixi.

A 1953 Mercedes – definitely a luxury car.

And the 1957 version.

Also one from 1955 – I think this one gets used for a lot of weddings.

And our last car for today, a couple of BMW Isettas from the 1950s. I guess the Smart Car was modeled on these. Note the lack of side doors (you get in through the front) and that the small trailer one of them is pulling is actually bigger than the car.

I think we’ll wrap up the car show series tomorrow with a mixed bag of vehicles, including one I had never heard of before.

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