Car Show – I


I’m not and never have been a car guy. If it has four wheels and gets me where I am going, then I’m happy. Which examine why I drive an 16-year-old Opel.

Still, I went to the car show Sunday in Mullheim. It wasn’t something I could avoid – the three blocks closed to traffic were the last three blocks I drive to get to church. Having been inconvenienced, I figured I might was well check out the show, which was part of the annual Mullheim city festival.

I’m not sure if the festival has much of a purpose other than eating and drinking.The local wineries were well represented and it seems pretty much every community group and sports team had a food concession. As a cola drinker it was nice to see that for once soft drinks were cheaper than beer. That isn’t usually the case.IMG_20180701_1326400

There was the car show and the municipal museum was free. That was pretty much it as far as I could see. There must have been other events; it can’t all have been about eating and drinking, can it?

My thought as I walked down the street was that this might be the only car show in the past 50 years that didn’t feature a Ford Mustang, but then, three cars from the end, I did indeed come across a 1967 Mustang. As you would expect, most of the cars were European, though there was a cluster in the middle of some classic American vehicles. It felt good to see something that looked familiar; not only was I not familiar with most of the European models, there were even some manufacturers I had never heard of before.

I spent about an hour in the hot sunshine walking up and down the street, looking at the cars. I’m glad I did, though I don’t know if I would do it next year – I presume the cars would be the same ones.

It certainly was colourful, and I will be sharing more pictures with you as the week progresses.

And today’s feature vehicle – a 1979 Ford Capri in brilliant yellow.

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