Did You Order a Tuesday This Week?

Monday was one of those days. So was Sunday now that I think of it.  No time to think, no time to write.

That’s what happens when you are up before the crack of dawn and out of the house. There was/is a seminar in Basel that I was/am attending. That means I’m missing a  couple of days of language class, which will make me more confused than usual on Wednesday. C’est la vie. Ooops, I should have said that in German, not French. At least I am getting some German exposure from the speakers and participants at the seminar, though the main speaker spoke in English.

If I was more efficient I would have polished one of my unfinished posts on the weekend and had it ready for today. But I’m not that efficient.

So just a photo for you today.  Hopefully that will be sufficient. I’ll try to be better tomorrow, but I make no promises. After all, at this point I have no idea when I will get back from Basel tonight.



  1. According to Google translate, C’est la vie is “Es ist Leben.”

    1. Technically yes, but I doubt it has the same flavour.

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