Pick Your Own

It was the QR code and the idea of using PayPal that reminded me that even though this is very rural Germany, we are still in the 21st century. IMG_20180510_1848235

A couple of kilometres away from our apartment, across from the grocery store we frequent, is a field of flowers. I noticed last fall that it was a “pick your own” place, but thought no more of it. There wasn’t much to pick in November. This week though I realized that the place was beginning to bloom, so we crossed the street to check it out.

Turns out the flowers are sold on the honour system. You pick and pay, either with cash or PayPal, according to the prices marked. There are cutters available and the cash goes in a locked box.

I wonder how many people pick and don’t pay, but Germany seems to be a country where people abide by the rules. Unattended little roadside stands with fruit or vegetables for sale are common in this area. They wouldn’t be if people didn’t respect the system.

We didn’t buy anything that day. However, given that my wife seems to have adopted the German taste for flowers (I really should write about that some day), I imagine we will be back – especially as more varieties start blooming.

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