Weckensonntag III – The Blacksmith

There’s a certain fascination that comes with watching someone perform a lost art.  Though I guess it isn’t really lost if people are still doing it.
It must be 50 years since I last watched a blacksmith plying his trade, so it was nice to see one in action this past Sunday at Sulzburg’s Weckensonntag. (If you don’t know about Weckensonntag read the two previous posts here.)  What made the blacksmith even more special was that the man looked the part, like a character from The Lord of the Rings brought to life in the 21st century.  IMG_1947

There are still blacksmiths of course. I don’t think they have automated horseshoe manufacture yet, though there aren’t many horses around these days. Somebody still has to do that work. Though gone is the time when the village blacksmith was the most important person in the area.

It was a treat to watch this relic from the past put on a small demonstration of his skills. My wife asked him if it was a full-time job, but he told her it was just a hobby. I didn’t ask what his usual job is – I didn’t want to spoil the illusion if it turned out he’s a computer programmer or a hair dresser.  IMG_1935

These are only a small portion of the pictures I took – for me the blacksmith was the highlight of Weckensonntag.

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