Another Christmas Market???!!!

I thought we were done. After visiting six different Advent/Christmas markets there was no reason to see any more.IMG_20171223_1205018

Saturday though we went to Freiburg, mostly because we could. Our weekends have been busy, but suddenly we had a Saturday with no previous commitments. Plus, we had a transit pass which allowed us to make the return trip for three Euros each – a quarter of the regular price.

The trip takes about 40 minutes from our front door to downtown Freiburg. Given the proximity and that it is the closest major city, I expect to make it a regular destination for tourist type activities, and even more when we need to shop. When you live in a town with no clothing stores, no shoe stores, no hardware or electronics stores, no furniture or mobile phone stores, it is nice to be able to visit a place with variety – even if you don’t intend on buying anything.IMG_20171223_1147127

Saturday was the last day for Freiburg’s annual Christmas Market, so we made a point of dropping by. It was nice. A little smaller than I expected with a traditional mix of food and craft offerings. By now I know the routine – in 2018 I might not bother going to any Christmas markets.

I snapped a few pictures, but not as many as you might expect. I guess by market number seven there isn’t the same incentive to preserve the moment. Still, I think the pictures I did take capture the mood.




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  1. They have a very nice one in Karlsruhe and Stuttgart as well ☺️ I really like the one in Karlsruhe as it is very nicely built and creates a cozy atmosphere!

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