Advent 2017

It is that time of year again. Time to put op the tree and decorations in anticipation of Christmas.

We won’t have a Christmas tree this year, I don’t think. I am sure i could go into the Black Forest and cut one down (though that is probably illegal), but then I would have to buy lights and decorations. Not a big deal in theory, but then I would have to store them somewhere, and European apartments are not known for their closet space.

Oh, we will have a few decorations around the place to create a festive mood. Indeed, they are already up. We decorated early at the instigation of my wife, and it made sense at the time. I’m the type of guy who would wait until December 24.

If we were back in Ottawa we would put up the tree at some point on the first weekend of Advent, which is this weekend. It is a family event. I haul the artificial tree and our six boxes (!) of Christmas decorations out of the basement while everyone else is asleep. Then I put the tree up and string the lights on it. I leave the rest of the decorating, the time consuming stuff, to the rest of the family.

This year I am not in Ottawa. Putting up the tree fell to my daughter. She had help, though I didn’t ask how many people. She sent me a picture once it was up.


It looks pretty much the same as always, except it seemed like something was missing. So I asked, and she sent me another picture.

23972665_10159727303275046_1344236556_nApparently the cat couldn’t wait for the lights and ornaments to be put on before she climbed onto the tree. She knows it is not allowed, but she does it anyway. It has become a Christmas tradition.

At this time of year especially we take time to reflect, and traditions are important. We’ll probably start some new ones in Germany this December. And we’ll probably take part in a few of the ongoing family rituals, using Skype or something similar. The time difference will be a challenge, but six hours isn’t insurmountable.

I just realized – one of the good things about being in Germany for this Advent season is that I won’t be spending my time chasing the cat out of the tree. It never seems to do any good anyway.


  1. lol…

  2. As soon as I saw the first picture, I thought, “Where’s the cat?”
    But alas, you did not disappoint!

    1. Cat in the tree is a family tradition. If you look closely, you can see that the tree is actually tied to the wall to make it more secure when the cat climbs it.

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