If you spent any of your childhood at any beach you probably made a sandcastle or two. If you are a parent who took your children to the beach you probably made a few more than that.IMG_20170815_131941

Making sand castles was never my strength. Give me a bucket and shovel and I can make a rudimentary structure, enough to satisfy a three-year-old, but nothing that would be considered artistic. I’ll never win any awards and am a total failure as a sand castle architect.

Every year while walking along Old Orchard Beach, Maine, I see examples of sand castle art that remind me of just how pitiful my efforts are. This year there weren’t as many examples as I usually see; in fact there was just one.IMG_20170815_131949

So I snapped some pictures, since I had my phone with me. Just a few, so you could share in what I saw. The architect of this masterpiece was not there when I was snapping the photos, but he was when I walked by half an hour later. I thought about interviewing him, to find out what motivated and inspired him. Then I remembered I was on vacation. I smiled, told him it was an impressive structure, and continued my walk along the beach.

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  1. Love these sandcastles!☺️❤️️

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