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Brussels Street Scenes

Just some pictures today. I wasn’t sure what to post, but I knew it had to be something that wouldn’t take time I didn’t have available. That meant I couldn’t edit one of my almost finished posts. So I grabbed these random photos from a trip to Brussels five years ago. I like Brussels, which […]

What Are We Afraid Of?

I’m feeling indecisive this morning; can’t decide what today’s post should be. So I’ve decided to share this one again, originally posted in November 2014. I have mentioned that it is my custom to attend church on Sunday wherever I may find myself, which explains why I was at St. Edmund’s Church in the British […]

Searching For Dracula Again

It is Tuesday, and I decided that today we’d go for an encore, a post originally published on September 25, 2014. At this point I have no idea what is coming up when Wednesday rolls around. Dracula is everywhere in Romania, perhaps the country’s biggest tourist draw. But a flawed one that many Romanians are […]

Fireworks Night

Today is Thursday, which for me on this vacation means fireworks. Every Thursday during the summer there is a fireworks display by the pier in Old Orchard Beach, Maine. With the sound of waves in the background (and noise also from the beach-side amusement park), there is something special about sitting on the sand on […]

Underground Adventure

The idea intrigued me, then I heard the event was free, which moved it into the “must see” category. ‎Scottish ancestry you know. Kontinuum is an underground adventure happening in Ottawa this summer, ending September 14. For me the major appeal was that much of it takes place in one of the new underground light […]

Very Minor League

For the opening pitch there were fewer than 100 people in the stands, looking rather lonely in a stadium that seats 6,000. Welcome to perhaps the lowest tier of professional baseball. The Old Orchard Beach Surge play in the Empire League, a group of independent teams not affiliated with organized baseball. The Ballpark was built […]


If you spent any of your childhood at any beach you probably made a sandcastle or two. If you are a parent who took your children to the beach you probably made a few more than that. Making sand castles was never my strength. Give me a bucket and shovel and I can make a […]