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Still Brooding

A flashback for this Monday morning, a post originally published in October 2014.    One of the highlights of the Belgian leg of our tour of Europe was the Brooding Soldier at St. Julien. After Vimy Ridge this may be the biggest, best known, Canadian war memorial in Europe. It is a poignant site, a […]

Church On Sunday

It’s a long weekend in Canada, so I thought I would reach back to the past for today’s post. I’m not sure there that is a logical statement, but I’ll leave it for you to judge. This one was originally published in September 2014. I was raised in a family where the expectation was that […]

Inside The Barrow

It has been stinking hot in southern Germany the past few days, which means I’ve been moving somewhat in slow motion. Things get done, but they seem to take longer. We have guests visiting from Canada, and we are trying to allow them to experience this area in a way tourists rarely get, to see […]

Remembering The Battle

It has been 75 years since D-Day, and the generation that fought that battle is almost gone. This week though, we have been remembering a pivotal moment in world history with a series of posts I write five years ago. When we visited the Juno Beach Centre I came away with a feeling of not […]

Brussels Street Scenes

Just some pictures today. I wasn’t sure what to post, but I knew it had to be something that wouldn’t take time I didn’t have available. That meant I couldn’t edit one of my almost finished posts. So I grabbed these random photos from a trip to Brussels five years ago. I like Brussels, which […]

What Are We Afraid Of?

I’m feeling indecisive this morning; can’t decide what today’s post should be. So I’ve decided to share this one again, originally posted in November 2014. I have mentioned that it is my custom to attend church on Sunday wherever I may find myself, which explains why I was at St. Edmund’s Church in the British […]

Searching For Dracula Again

It is Tuesday, and I decided that today we’d go for an encore, a post originally published on September 25, 2014. At this point I have no idea what is coming up when Wednesday rolls around. Dracula is everywhere in Romania, perhaps the country’s biggest tourist draw. But a flawed one that many Romanians are […]