Tyndale Chapel – I

I visited Tyndale Seminary a few times around the turn of the century (seems weird to say that – it always used to mean the turn of the 20th not 21st century), and remember the building as being functional and somewhat pleasing to the eye, but not spectacular. Then they moved.

Somehow I wasn’t paying attention to the move, didn’t notice the change of address, but it had been so long since I was last there (at least 15 years) that I looked up the directions on the internet beforehand, which was just as well since my memory would have taken me to an empty lot.IMG_20170604_174754

Tyndale University College & Seminary has undergone quite a few changes since it was established in 1894. The “new” building seems much older than the old one, more a design quirk than actual age, and far more impressive. It used to be a Roman Catholic convent owned by the Sisters of St. Joseph. Once there were 500 nuns living there, now the order is about a tenth that size. Now it is a thriving campus that retains a lot of the original, especially the chapel.

I can figure from the floor plans where additions have been made to the campus buildings, but I don’t think many changes have been made to the worship space, the chapel – except perhaps a new cross.IMG_0966

We weren’t using the chapel as part of the workshop I was attending, but I did make time to slip in for some contemplation. I have an affinity for churches of all stripes.

It was an overcast day, which made the lighting a little dim, but perhaps that made it all the more suitable for contemplation.






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