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The Bandwagon

I’ll admit it. I’m checking the win column daily. Which is weird for someone who doesn’t really care for the Toronto Blue Jays. It isn’t that I don’t like baseball. It is more that as someone raised in Montreal I remain a die-hard Expos fan. Political wrangling inside Major League Baseball saw the Expos leave […]

What Is Valid Protest?

Black Lives Matter was in the news again on the weekend. Three protesters were arrested in Toronto for vandalizing statues. Their lawyer was outraged, saying Canadians are tired of this ongoing battle. She’s probably right – but the majority are probably more tired of the protesters. There seems little doubt as to guilt. The organization […]

Walking The Beaches

Sometimes it is easy to forget, when you are in the concrete towers of the downtown districts, that Toronto is a city with a lot of natural beauty and vibrant parks. Sunday afternoon we took a quick stroll in “The Beaches,” a waterfront area along the shores of Lake Ontario. There  is a boardwalk that […]

Parade Day

I don’t want to rain on their parade. Or maybe I do. I just can’t get caught up in the hysteria over the Toronto Raptors. For non-basketball fans, the Raptors won the NBA championship last week, for the first time, and the victory parade is today. I’m assuming there is television coverage, but I won’t […]

Remembering Billy Graham

One of the most influential people of the 20th century, a man whose impact will continue to be felt for decades, died Wednesday. Billy Graham was 99. He was the best-known Christian evangelist of his time, a man who spoke before millions of people during his career and was an advisor to presidents and kings. […]

Green Space

Even in the concrete jungle that is Toronto, Canada’s largest city, you can find scenery that would almost make you think you were in the wilderness. If you are looking for beauty you can find it – you just need to know where to look.

Tyndale Chapel – II

A photo essay today, because, as they say, a picture is worth a thousand words. Maybe more, in which case you are getting a bonus today. These pictures are a continuation of yesterday’s post.  

Tyndale Chapel – I

I visited Tyndale Seminary a few times around the turn of the century (seems weird to say that – it always used to mean the turn of the 20th not 21st century), and remember the building as being functional and somewhat pleasing to the eye, but not spectacular. Then they moved. Somehow I wasn’t paying […]

Sign Of The Times

The best seller at the U2 concert last Friday at the Rogers Centre in Toronto was one of The Joshua Tree tour t-shirts that showcased how an old song can remain relevant today. As music fans know, the album opens with the song “Where The Streets Have No Name.” The opening lines of the song […]

Canadian Tulip Festival 2017 – IV

A TALE OF TWO CITIES There is a rivalry between Ottawa and Toronto that doesn’t make much sense to outsiders. I hadn’t expected to see it played out though as part of the Canadian Tulip Festival. Ottawa is the national capital. Toronto, five times as large is the provincial capital. Toronto thinks it is the […]