Canadian Tulip Festival 2017 – I


I don’t know how I managed to miss most of The Canadian Tulip Festival this year. My work schedule is such that I knew I should enjoy it now – it will be a few years before I am again in Ottawa in the Spring.

Yet here we are. Today is the last day of the Festival, and I haven’t taken in any of the activities. It is a busy time and I have been setting priorities‎ based on what needs to get done soon rather than what is aesthetically pleasing. That means getting out to see the tulips and take part in the accompanying activities wasn’t a priority.IMG_0881

So I can’t tell you about all the great non-flower activities, because I didn’t take in any myself;   I missed them all. I can’t even tell you how beautiful the flowers looked in the sunshine because it was cloudy yesterday afternoon when I finally managed to make it to Dow’s Lake, one of several places in the city where the millions of tulips have been planted.

It was a whirlwind visit – not much time between the end of church and the beginning of the hockey game I wanted to watch on television. As a sports fan, I would have been better off watching the tulips – the Ottawa Senators were on the losing end of a lopsided score.IMG_0851

Each year the Festival is pretty much the same. Thousands of people, many of not most of them tourists. People who grew up here don’t have the same desire to see the flowers – there is always next year. There are various food vendors out in full force, with prices suitably inflated for the occasion. I would balk at paying seven dollars for a glass of lemonade, but I guess someone must be willing or they wouldn’t charge as much.IMG_0895

In the hour I spent at Dow’s Lake I am sure I witnessed more than a thousand selfies being taken. It seems to be what you do when the tulips come out. My estimate would be that yesterday at all the various Tulip Festival locations more than 100,000 selfies were taken.  I didn’t take any myself, but I was using a real camera, not a phone. I was definitely in the minority.

I did take lots of non-selfie pictures though. I’ll show you some this week, and maybe surprise you with more next week. It is only Monday – much too early to know what I am going to do. Enjoy these sample photos. There will be more tomorrow.IMG_0821


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  1. Lovely ☺️

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