Reflections on the Psalms

I ran a video clip from Bono, lead vocalist for the band U2, about a year ago, where he was talking about the Psalms. There’s an addendum that came out this past week that I thought you would also be interested in.

I have promised myself that I will write more about U2 this year. I’m a music guy, but somehow there has been a paucity of posts about music in this space. U2 hit the road this Spring, the 30th anniversary tour for The Joshua Tree. It will be fitting therefore, in May and June perhaps, to look at the band and its legacy. For today though, some thoughts from Bono on the Psalms, the arts and faith.


I think there’s trapped artists and I’d like them to be untrapped.


I try to get to the place where I’m not singing the song, because that’s a chore. I try to get to the place where the song is singing me.


We don’t have to please God in any other way really than to be brutally honest.


The only real problem that God can’t deal with is the problem that you don’t know you have or that you are lying to cover up.


A large part of our psychology is fear of death…


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