Waiting For A Plane XXII – Frankfurt

In 2015 I spent a lot of time in airports. I shared my thoughts on those trips with you in a series of posts. I managed to get through 2016 with my feet firmly planted on the ground, but it looks like I’ll be collecting a few frequent flyer points this year. I think I was in seven airports in February, waiting for a plane. There’s not much else to do in airports except read or write, so I jotted down my thoughts as I traveled. Today’s reflections though were written on a plane during a flight delay, and not in the airport.

I snapped the picture on the run as I raced between flights at Frankfurt Airport. I laughed at the concept and had to preserve the memory.

Airports to me are places to be endured. That’s because the alternative form of transportation takes too long. Everything on sale at the airport is overpriced, and you probably didn’t need it anyway. There are lineups everywhere and nothing happens at an acceptable pace. There are usually no drinking fountains, so they can be sure you will purchase their beverages at inflated prices. Inevitably your gate is as far as possible from your entry point. (Okay, that might not be too bad in my case – I need the exercise.) Your flight is more likely to be late as on time, and you are left for hours in the airport, wishing you were somewhere else.

Therefore he thought of an airport “rewards” program astounds me. I wonder if there are those people who fly so much that this is attractive to them. Maybe there are some business people, frequent flyers for whom this program holds some sort of appeal. Though I would think they are less enamored of spending time and money in airports than I am.

A quick online look at the website confirmed for me that the program works like most rewards programs. You get a point for every Euro spent. You can redeem the points for rewards (such as a ride to your flight) or to purchase items. Of course you need to spend a lot of money to earn enough points to provide any meaningful rewards. And really, given the limited offerings of airport stores, do you really want to participate? How much new luggage are you going to buy? It is not like there are 200 stores in the mall to choose from.

So I didn’t rush to sign up for the program, even if it is free to join. Somehow I doubt I will regret it.



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