Politically Incorrect

Sweden’s royal family has its armour and weapons on display, but there isn’t all that much to see. Sweden has been officially neutral for a couple of centuries, and kings and princes don’t go into battle anymore anyway. Except perhaps for the British.

‎So I guess it is not surprising there is a children’s clothing display in the Royal Armoury. After all, there is room. The featured clothes were all worn by various princes and princesses over the centuries. It’s not the sort of thing that normally draws me, but I was there, so I looked. (The armoury is one of several free museums in downtown Stockholm, a nice feature for tourists on a budget.)

Apparently, a little more than 100 years ago the idea of wearing folk costumes from other cultures was popular with Swedish royalty (and I presume society at large for those who could afford it). I’m surprised they admit it. And was even more surprised to find on prominent display a set of clothing for a young Canadian aboriginal boy. I know it’s not an American costume because of the flag.

I’m a little surprised, given the cultural sensitivities in Canada that the costume was still on display. I guess there have been no protests like there would be in Canada over something like that. Or maybe the Swedes don’t care about being politically correct.

That’s probably not it.




  1. Sweden is too politically correct – Muslims openly decry homosexuality yet, Swedish Law prosecutes public complaints against the Quran doctrine on rape.

  2. This leaves me totally curious; wanting to know more. To whom was it given? By whom was it given? Did some child in the palace of the day actually don this according to the custom you mention? Perhaps in the context of those times it wasn’t really politically incorrect.

    1. They didn’t specifically name which future king wore it. I’m sure it was acceptable for the times – I was just surprised that the revisionists hadn’t had it removed.

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