Monthly Archives: February 2017

Politically Incorrect

Sweden’s royal family has its armour and weapons on display, but there isn’t all that much to see. Sweden has been officially neutral for a couple of centuries, and kings and princes don’t go into battle anymore anyway. Except perhaps for the British. ‎So I guess it is not surprising there is a children’s clothing […]

Stuart Mclean, R.I.P.

I wanted to post this Thursday when I heard‎ the news of Stuart Mclean’s death. People were talking about it, and I wanted in on the conversation. When I travel though, Internet access isn’t always immediate, so I decided it would have to wait until today. It was the news no-one wanted to hear, though […]

Thoughts on Martin Scorsese’s “Silence”

It bombed at the box office, which didn’t surprise me. I saw it a couple of weeks ago at the tail-end of its theatre run, and have thought for a while about what I want to say about it. It is not your usual Hollywood fare, far too serious at a time when America is […]

A Walk In St. James Park

Ottawa has been walloped with snow this week. Sunday we had 28 centimetres (almost a foot if you use Imperial measurement) of fluffy white stuff, delaying and canceling flights at the airport. Flights were cancelled at the airport, though thankfully not mine. We did take off two-and-a-half hours late though. We usually get about 254 […]

The Girl On The Train

I read The Girl On The Train two summers ago when everyone on the beach was reading it. I thought I had shared my impressions of it with you, but a search of past posts doesn’t turn it up. The movie seemed like a safe choice for inflight entertainment, given that the flight was more […]

Toilet Humour

I didn’t get today’s post finished due to some unexpected speech writing and a train that ran later than expected. That’s my excuse anyway, and who can possibly challenge it? So instead of the wordy post I had planned, just a little something from the train’s washroom. The first photo is supposed to be blurred. […]

It’s Flag Day!

I remember the day, February 15, 1965. I was a student at Thorndale Elementary School in Montreal. The entire school was mustered outside as Canada’s new flag was raised for the first time on the school flagpole. It was the culmination of a national debate, first over whether Canada needed a new flag, then what […]