St. Bene’t’s Church

No, that is not a typo. It really is spelled that way. If you want to know why you can click here.img_9941

The sign outside said it was the oldest church in Cambridge. I like old churches (and young churches), so went inside.

There is something special about being in a place where Christians have gathered to worship for more than a millennium. In Canada we just don’t have that sort of history; our oldest church is barely 400 years.img_9943

St. Bene’t’s started as a Roman Catholic church because back then there really were no options. (Yes, I know some picky historian will disagree with that, but I’m saying it anyway.) It is now an Anglican church; I presume the switch was made during the reign of Henry VIII.

It doesn’t seem that old. I was expecting exposed stone walls and darkness, not white plaster and light. But it isn’t a museum, just a church that is still functioning, so why should it look 1,000 years old?

I did take a few pictures though and today they tell the story.


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  1. Nice pics

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