Truly Random Thoughts For Your Sunday

Watching the Remembrance Day ceremonies at the National War Memorial on television Friday I was struck once more with the passage of time. When I was younger, the elderly veterans at the cenotaph were my grandfather’s generation, men who had fought in the First World War. Those men are long dead. It has been 71 years since the end of World War Two, it won’t be long until there are no veterans of that conflict still with us. Their witness to history is passing.IMG_20151218_165509


I find it ironic that Donald Trump wins the election and there are ongoing protests, with people chanting “he’s not my president.” Protest is one thing, but there is no place for vandalism and violence. Given that the media was suggesting riots should Clinton win, I guess there isn’t much difference, if any, between the “deplorables” and the elite. People need to learn how to lose gracefully – it is one of the hallmarks of democracy. I wonder how many of those upset with the outcome were among the eight million who voted in 2012 and stayed home in 2016.IMG_20151218_165658


Seventy four years ago November 13th fell on a Friday. I know that because I was looking at a copy of the London Gazette from that date that announced that my (future) father-in-law had been awarded “The Efficiency Decoration” by the King. I wonder what he did to earn it? Unlike Canada, British war records are not freely accessible online.


A friend asked me if I thought President Trump’s views might be moderated by the sense of compassion found in his followers of faith. I don’t think so – I don’t know what influences the man, but I doubt religion plays much part in it. I’m especially not sure Christians will have much influence on Trump. The church in the US is not in a good place right now, in part because it has become a political party (or two) and lost its calling and mission.IMG_20151218_165606


Christmas is coming. By my count Dec. 25 is still six weeks away, six weeks from today in fact. Some stores have been selling Christmas decorations for a month or longer. That used to bother me, but now I just shrug it off. I’m not going to be buying the decorations no matter when they are put on sale. It still does seem too early for Christmas lights though. One of my neighbours apparently doesn’t think so. I noticed last night when leaving the house that the angel down the street is back. Looks just the same as last year, which is why I am using last year’s pictures to show you what I mean.


If you didn’t check, the results for the American election poll we ran last week had Clinton, Trump and “none of the above” in a dead heat with 30% of the vote each. Kind of like the actual results – voter turnout was significantly lower than in 2012.
Had a chance to take in a show with rock legend Randy Bachman on Friday night. I’ve seen him perform about a dozen times in the past 40 years or so. But I don’t remember him ever playing his first hit from 1965 when he was with The Guess Who. Maybe that’s just a memory lapse on my part, but I was pleased he played it this time. He took me by surprise and my camera decided not to zoom in.


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  1. Catholics were encouraged to vote on abortion in the U.S.
    Besides Planned Parenthood, and some sort of re-emphasis on traditional marriage, I don’t think Trump will be influenced by Christianity.

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