Monday Morning Question

About 25 years ago, when I first acquired the email account I still use today, I was very diligent at clearing out my inbox. I never had any unread messages and never more than 200 emails in total.

Back then email space was at a premium, no matter whether you used a free service or paid your internet provider for your inbox. Nobody had much space, so you dealt with stuff as it came in. The idea of storing anything online was still more fiction than science.

That is not the case anymore. Which explains why I have almost 600 unread emails in my account at the moment (I’ll get to them, I really will – those ones just aren’t that urgent). All told I have about 35,000 messages grouped into various categories. Most of them I probably won’t need to access again, but I kept them because sometimes you just don’t know.

In 1991 space was a problem. Not so much anymore. The free service I use gives me a terabyte of email storage space. I had occasion to check my account settings yesterday. Turns out I have room for another 54 million emails. All of which leads me to ask our question for today.

I know it is perhaps a moot point now that the American presidential election is over, but why did Hillary Clinton feel that she had to delete those 31,000 “personal” emails? Couldn’t she have just moved them into a folder marker “personal”? Or was her system so antiquated she didn’t have the space to keep them?

I wonder if we will ever find out.


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