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The TikTok Results

Just in case you were wondering…in our less than scientific poll on people’s use of the TikTok app on their phones: Forty-four per cent (44%) of respondents said they would never have TikTok on their phone, but do have other social media apps. I didn’t answer the survey, but that is the category I would […]

Let The Bot Do It

I’ve been swamped lately, work and family things, and haven’t been able to find the time to finish the posts I wanted to share here next. So I thought I’d try and experiment. I asked one of those artificial intelligence engines to write me a post about cash register receipts – which for some reason […]

Feeling Stressed?

Honestly, I think most people live their daily lives along a spectrum from slightly rattled to completely fried as their normal state of being. – John Eldredge If you have a smartphone, if you use social media, you should read this book. I could give a longer review, listing all the reasons, but there is […]

Simpler Times

  I saw this cash register at Uncharted Grounds, the coffee roastery in Kandern, Germany, where some friends work. It brought back memories. When I was a child cash registers looked very much like this one. There were no bar codes or scanners. Each item in a store had a price sticker, and at checkout […]

Traffic Reports

The technology disturbs me, even if I appreciate the intent. We took our first longer road trip this week in the car we purchased a couple of months back. It wasn’t the first time we had been on the Autobahn (not counting short trips to the Basel airport), though it felt like it. Back in […]

Monday Morning Question

About 25 years ago, when I first acquired the email account I still use today, I was very diligent at clearing out my inbox. I never had any unread messages and never more than 200 emails in total. Back then email space was at a premium, no matter whether you used a free service or […]

Technology Scares Me

Don’t forget to take my five question reader survey if you haven’t done so yet. It wont take long, and I’d really appreciate the feedback. Click here and enjoy. My car is insecure. I don’t mean that I left it unlocked. It sent me an email; it wants me to answer some questions about its […]

Beach Reading

I don’t have anywhere near as much time to read for pleasure as I would like – except when I am at the beach. You can get through a lot of pages in those daily 12 hours. When I am on vacation I usually get to the beach (weather permitting) just after 6 a.m. I […]