Christmas Tree Decorations

The Christmas tree seems to be a little more lopsided than usual this year.

Ordinarily I would say that was my fault. The division of labour in my family is that I get the tree and ornaments out of storage, set up the tree and attach the lights. My wife and children then place the ornaments on the branches.

In my defence I would argue that when I set the tree in its base I made sure it was standing straight. I am not responsible if the weight of the ornaments is causing the tree to tilt. The cat was not in the boxes I brought up from the basement.



  1. […] I first posted pictures of the cat in the tree back in 2015 I received a lot of positive feedback. So I repeated […]

  2. […] Lewis expresses so many rich ideas in his Chronicles of Narnia series. Imagine the infant Christ, lying in a manger (yes, there probably was  manger, animals have to eat). Fully God and fully human, he indeed could be considered bigger than our whole world. What does this tell us about the nature of God? What does it tell us about our place in the world? I could go on, but this perhaps isn’t the place for deep theological discussion. The internet is, after all, the repository of cat pictures (I’ve posted my share). […]

  3. … gold, frankincense, and meow…? Sorry: I couldn’t resist.

  4. at least your tree and decorations, still stands! my tree, took a crashing nosedive across the room. cats fled the crime scene. Yours, I see stayed to take the scolding. lol cheers, Debi

    1. It will eventually crash. She goes one level higher each day it seems and the perch is getting precarious. I have had to straighten it a few times, and there are ornaments on the floor when I wake up every morning.

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