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The Traffic Department

Yesterday’s post about my daughter’s cat reminded me of a time when the cat was actually good for something. I had a lot of fun during the phone call described here, and just as much fun yesterday when I re-read this post from March 16, 2016. I thought it was worth sharing again. “Mr. Anderson, […]

A Christmas Tradition

There are some Canadian Christmas traditions I don’t miss. Living in Germany means I don’t have to deal with my daughter’s cat and the Christmas tree. With her busy schedule and mum and dad not home, I thought she might not bother putting the tree up this year. I guess she decided she couldn’t disappoint […]

More From The Roman Cat Sanctuary

Just some pictures today for you cat lovers – a continuation of yesterday’s post.

Largo di Torre Argentina

Today’s post (and tomorrow’s too) is for my daughter, who at times (like much of the internet) can be somewhat cat-obsessed. Rome is a great place to visit if you are a cat lover. That’s because there is a square downtown, Largo di Torre Argentina,  that has been set aside as a sanctuary for the […]

Just Friends

Actually they really aren’t friends. The black and white one barely tolerates the other and would probably be happier as an only cat. He’s just too lazy to leave when she invades his space. Today’s post is being offered in the hope that you will re-post, re-tweet and re-whatever it. After all, the internet is […]

Christmas Tree Decorations

You wouldn’t believe my day yesterday. Or maybe you would. Anyway, I didn’t have a chance to finish the post I had planned for today. It is the first day of winter after all. So instead I’m repeating the most popular post of last year’s Christmas season. I still immensely dislike this cat, but at […]

Cat Litter

I may have mentioned from time to time that I am not a fan of either of my daughter’s cats, particularly this one. She’s a needy animal, more dog than cat and always in the way as she begs for affection. I was pleased therefore that she decided to package herself for disposal. The box […]