Safe, Legal and Rare

Big Brother is watching, but Big Brother doesn’t want you to know what he sees, or at least not in Ontario.

The provincial government has refused to release statistical information on publicly funded abortions in the province. Politicians who trumpet the mantra that abortion should be safe, legal and rare don’t want to be transparent about just how often the procedure takes place and how rare it is.

This position is being challenged in court, and surprisingly to me the case against the province is being supported by the Ontario Civil Liberties Association, an organization I usually think of as synonymous with attacks on traditions, not supporting them. I guess this case is obvious, even to them.

I wonder what it is the province wants to hide?


One comment

  1. Modern Day, we can only have the good. On free-thinking campuses one cannot have an exhibit about abortions. Perhaps it is a business decision for universities: expectant parents may not finish their degrees and demand for education drops.

    Canadian Civil Liberties Union should be about freedom, and making adult decisions in freedom. Freedom of information plays a role. They may be the first to be opposed to any restrictions on abortion, mind you.

    Overall, we’ve disconnected sex from reproduction. Abortion is one aspect of it. Contraception another. Acceptance of homosexual unions is also part of the disconnect. On the latter, I don’t see how a union that has the risks and rewards of pregnancy can be compared with a union that cannot have those risks and rewards.

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