Another Walk In The Woods

IMG_20151012_142859A beautiful Thanksgiving weekend, perfect for taking in the fall foliage. Still not as many reds in the trees as usual at this time of year and a lot more green. The temperatures have been warmer than normal for this time of year, which I guess slows the colour change down.

The parking lot was overflowing, it seems a lot of people have had the same idea. Cars line both sides of the road for a couple of hundred metres on either side of the parking lot.

Time for one last long walk, rambling on the trails under the forest canopy, coming out into the sunlight for a few hundred yards then back under cover. There are hundreds of people in this section of the forest, I know that just from the number of parked vehicles, but it doesn’t seem crowded.IMG_20151011_163705

Tuesday everyone is back to work. Monday is the time to enjoy the holiday sunshine and not think about tomorrow.






  1. Beautiful pictures, really love the one of the path- makes me want to go on a hike!

    1. If you are ever in the area you are welcome to join us – we try and get out on one of the local trails each weekend.

  2. Such beautiful autumnal pics, brightened up my evening!

    1. Thank you. We live in a beautiful city.

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