Planning To Fail

There is an axiom that failing to plan means you are planning to fail. If you don’t have an idea how to accomplish your goals you are unlikely to do so.

Today I’m going to be a little self-indulgent. It is a year since this blog started and that seems to be a suitable time for reflection. Actually the anniversary of my beginning regular posts was yesterday, but I didn’t plan properly to celebrate then.

In the summer of 2014 my wife and I spent a month in Europe, celebrating our 30th wedding anniversary. We had a great trip, but more than that, were things about the trip I really wanted to share with our friends.

There was the caged grave in East Mersea, the overblown presidential palace in Bucharest, the graves of Flanders, the view from a German pillbox at Juno Beach and so much more. I decided I should write down the thoughts, and make them available not just to my immediate circle but to anyone interested. Thus a blog was born.

Because a lot of my early posts were anchored around that trip, a lot of people I think viewed it as a travel blog. I see it as more about life, with travel a part of that. Some thoughts truly have been random, whether about that day’s commuter woes or strange signs I have run across.

A year of posts, 350 or so, and I still see this as essentially a random project. I know that what I should have been doing was promoting this blog every chance I get. I subscribe to a couple of other blogs, and I have seen and read about what you need to do to have a successful blog. I haven’t been doing that. I don’t know if I should. I know some people forward these posts, or sometimes repost them to Facebook, and I am appreciative of that. I am also thankful to those who have taken time to comment on posts that have interested them.

I am learning things through this process. Foremost perhaps is that there is no time that is unproductive. Most of my posts have been written on my cell phone on public transit while traveling to and from work. So far I have managed not to get so engrossed that I miss my stop, but it has almost happened a couple of times.

I have also learned that there is always something to write about, something to comment on. I at times have a shortage of time, but no shortage of ideas. Right now I probably have 30 or so posts on my phone that I have started but not yet finished. Some are travel pieces, some are about family or politics, and others are just random thoughts. Some of those you will never see – they may be time sensitive or I decide just not interesting enough. Others, especially the travel pieces, will eventually show up here. I don’t think I’ve posted the piece yet about having tea in the ruins of Saddam Hussein’s palace.

On January 1of this year I remember saying that I was planning on scaling back a bit, on not posting every day. Yet it seems that most days there is something to publish, even if it is only an amusing picture.

Thank you for joining me on this journey so far, whether you have only been reading these random thoughts for a couple of days or whether you have been here from the beginning. I still really don’t have a plan for what comes next here. Some ideas yes, but they aren’t yet a plan. Before I come up with a plan, I should probably think about what I am going to post tomorrow.



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    Thank you for the last year! I enjoy the randomness of the topics and usually start my day with your insights. Your views on the writing process itself are always welcome and have spurred me to write more. I would appreciate more Canadian content as appropriate at this pivotal time in our history.

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    1. Canadian content? As in material pertaining to the October 19 election? There will be a few posts prior to election day, that much is certain.

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