Monthly Archives: February 2015

Too Good To Be True

My needs have always been fairly simple. My desires on the other hand can be rather extravagant. I tell my family I never make a list of the things I want for Christmas because there would be nothing on it that anyone can afford to purchase for me. Those things are more fantasy than reality, […]


Now I wish i had taken more pictures. It was a storefront in Ypres, Belgium. I can’t remember if the store was empty or under renovations, but the drawings of cats with accompanying quotes caught my eye. In English, they must have been aimed at tourists, saying things like “Cats are smarter than dogs. You […]


I am a morning person. Even when I am on vacation and have no need to rise early, I am still awake at the crack of dawn. And if I am awake, I might as well get up. When we are in Maine, which is our usual August routine, I frequently head down to the […]

The Epidemic

North America has been seized by a measles hysteria. Should I admit I have never received the measles vaccination? Or would that admission cause panic? In Ontario there have been 15 cases reported (in a population of about 10 million) and that fact leads the radio newscasts. I am a little puzzled about that. I […]

Waiting for Summer

Another brutally cold day. Environment Canada tells me there is an “Extreme Cold Warning in Effect.”  I’m thinking of summer vacation and the Atlantic Ocean at Ocean Park, Maine.

Global Warming?

It is the middle of February, and Canadians are all in favour of global warming. Yes, I know what the scientists say – but the doomsayers of climate change don’t live here. If they did they would join the majority of my fellow countrymen who don’t see what the problem is if the world warms […]

Hagia Sophia III – Looking Around

Just some random pictures taken at the Hagia Sophia to give you a bit more of the flavour of the place. I am a big fan of digital photography, though I admit mine was a forced conversion: my beloved Canon FTb camera, which I had owned for more than 20 years, was stolen a few […]