The Offer

According to the fine print of the email I received yesterday: “This offer does not include a 6” Subway sandwich.”

Which has me confused. I’m on the mailing list for the Ottawa Senators hockey club, and yesterday’s discount ticket offer had that message, indicated by an asterisk beside the ticket price. The Senators have been less than stellar this season, which is why they are offering savings on tickets that they sell at a premium when the team is playing better.

I didn’t buy the tickets, but the offer has me wondering. It never would have occurred to me that a ticket to a hockey game came with food. Maybe I just don’t go to enough games – I’ve been boycotting the National Hockey League since the 2012-13 lockout of the players in an avoidable labour dispute. Why should I pay to support a league whose owners showed no respect for the fans? The Senators on-ice performance certainly hasn’t inspired me to reconsider. Maybe if they won a few games…

Off the ice improvements might also help. From a marketing perspective I think they should step up their game a bit. If you are going to offer me a ticket to the game, why stop at telling me there is no sandwich included? Doesn’t that build up my expectations?

Now I am left wondering what I get in addition to the ticket if I do make a purchase. Is pizza included? (Back when the team was doing well, your ticket stub could be traded for pizza for 24 hours following a win in which the Senators scored six goals. That was once a frequent occurrence and is now a rarity.) Or are there bigger and better things that they are excluding from the ticket price? Since the only purpose of the message is to tell me what I am not going to get, why not tell me that the ticket price doesn’t include a new car, or a cruise? It would make about as much sense.

I can’t figure out why I need to be told the price of a ticket to a hockey game doesn’t include a sandwich. Can you?


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