A Walk in the Vineyard

It is always nice when you can combine business with pleasure. Last week, having newly arrived in Germany, I had a leisurely walk with my new boss.IMG_20170929_072743

It was supposed to be a half hour, just to stretch our legs, but it was a gorgeous sunny afternoon, and there was no reason we couldn’t talk business as we walked. I don’t know how long such weather lasts here, but it seemed to make sense to enjoy it while we can. Orientation can be done walking through the fields or up a mountainside as easily as sitting at a desk. We can do some basic planning in the same fashion.

The half hour stretched into two hours, and we covered about eight kilometres in that time, through the village, into the next one and up the hill into the vinyards on the mountainside. I must admit I was glad when we were finished. I love to walk, but a lot of it was uphill in the hottest part of the day. My ice water at the end was extremely refreshing.IMG_20170929_072751

Since I had my phone with me I snapped a couple of photos along the way. Apparently the custom is that if you are hungry you can grab a grape or two off the vines. You just aren’t allowed to stop and eat, or stick your grapes in a bag. I don’t know if the custom extends to other parts of Germany, or if it has any foundation in law, but I thought it was a nice gesture on the part of the owner of the vineyard, assuming people limit what they take. I suppose they must, or fences would have gone up long ago.  IMG_20170929_073551

I don’t know much about vineyards or wine making, except what I read in The Bible, but living in this region I suspect I will learn. It must be pretty close to harvest time here. Indeed up above us it looked like there were workers picking the grapes and putting them in vats of some sort.

Every shop in this little town seems to have wine for sale. it seems so strange to me, coming from a place where alcohol sales are strictly controlled. Just another cultural difference. I am sure there are going to be many of them. Hopefully I won’t make too many mistakes.


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