One Last Weckensonntag Look

From 2018…

Today a photo essay, just some of the pictures I took last Sunday at Sulzburg’s annual Weckensonntag event.


I’ve been considering the differences between this very local festival and the much larger Fastnacht which is observed throughout the Black Forest.  

Fastnacht is bigger and more colourful, but having seen it once I have no desire to repeat the experience. When it comes around next year I expect to follow my neighbour’s lead and leave town for the day. I’m pretty sure it is exactly the same each year, and why would I want to experience that again?

Weckensonntag is probably the same every year also. The difference is that it is a celebration of faith in action, whereas Fastnacht is a rejection of Good (or God if you prefer).

So for today a little bit more of the remembrance of the good, the distribution of the bread, the joy of the children. It is Friday after all (or Monday in 2023), and we could probably all use a slice of optimism.

By the way, the  bread was quite tasty.


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