The Big Ask

The phone rang and the question was: “Could you answer a couple of questions on provincial government policy?” I agreed.

It wasn’t a pollster calling, but a fundraiser from Ontario’s Progressive Conservative Party. Once he’d asked his two policy questions, he wanted more. Specifically a donation. To keep the governing party going in the right direction, how much could he put me down for? $400? $500? $600?

The audacity impressed me. I’ve never considered myself to be a supporter of the Ontario PCs. Never joined the party. Never, that I can remember, worked on a campaign. So I was surprised at the size of the ask. (I was also surprised that the telemarketer kept getting the name of the PC leader wrong. Didn’t bother me, but the Prfemier might be annoyed to find his fundraisers don’t get hsi name right.)

That is a lot of money. I don’t think I have ever made a political donation that large.

I told the fundraiser that was way to much money for me too consider, given that I didn’t think of myself as a party supporter. (I have no fixed feelings about any Ontario political party.)

He told me I had donated previously. That was news to me. He told me when. It still didn’t ring any bells.

I suppose it is possible. My guess is that I probably made a donation to a specific campaign when a friend was running for office, though I can’t remember now who it would be. It was to encourage a person, not indicative of support for a party.

So I reiterated that I would not make a donation at this time. (I didn’t want to say never.) The man said he understood, that a lot of people are finding money tight these days. Given that, could I instead make a donation of $200? Or even $100.

Four hours later I got another call. Same spiel, but at least this time the Premier was referred to as Doug Ford not Douggie. I still wasn’t interested.

I had to admire the persistence. I guess in fundraising school they teach you to never take no for an answer. They must also teach that the more money you ask for the more you will get.

Doesn’t work in my case. Would it work in yours?

One comment

  1. I think I would have wondered whether they were fundraising for the PC party or they were ‘fundraising’ for themselves…

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