Another Art Exhibit

I don’t think I knew there was an art gallery inside the Markgrafler Museum in Mullheim. Then again, many days I am unsure of just what I know. I chalk it down to trying to live in my third (or fourth if you count Latin) language.

The art gallery is the middle floor of the museum, which may be why I wasn’t prepared for it – I was thinking history not paintings. It is a modest collection, some paintings, a couple of sculptures and some works I can’t quite describe (one looked like it might be someone’s hair). I didn’t recognize any of the artists, let alone the works. I suppose that is to be expected – a local museum isn’t likely to have an extensive collection of Old Masters. Though this museum claims to be the most important in the area.

I did take photos of the labels, so if pressed I could attach an artist’s name to each of these works. But I’m feeling rather lazy today, so am posting the pictures uncaptioned.  If you recognize any of these works, let me know and tell me something about them. I’m always looking to learn new things.

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