Underground Adventure


The idea intrigued me, then I heard the event was free, which moved it into the “must see” category. ‎Scottish ancestry you know.

Kontinuum is an underground adventure happening in Ottawa this summer, ending September 14. For me the major appeal was that much of it takes place in one of the new underground light rail stations that will (theoretically) open next year. I don’t expect to be in town on opening day, so I figured I might as well take the preview opportunity.IMG_0717

I had high hopes. The description of the event made it seem akin to the “Out of Control” exhibit I enjoyed at the Atomium in Brussels three years ago. That combination of sound and light really impressed me and I was looking forward to something similar. I was a little disappointed, but still enjoyed the experience.

The sound and light assault on your senses didn’t seem as intense as what I had experienced in Brussels, and the storyline isn’t as clearly defined, in my opinion anyway. The ghost train roaring through the station was a nice touch, but the whole thing was a little underwhelming.IMG_0728

Maybe I have higher standards. Maybe I just wasn’t in the right mood. You decide – I think my pictures and videos capture the mood. And yes, that is me at the top of this page – they insert your image into he show if you like.

Maybe I should go back and give it a second chance. It is free after all.




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