Trendelburg Castle I

IMG_5913 shrunk

Living in Germany, it is easy to reach the conclusion that if you have seen one castle you have seen them all. There’s a ruin on practically every hilltop.IMG_5911 shrunk

I told my wife earlier this year that I was done with castles, we didn’t have to go looking for new ones. However, Trendelburg Castle was on her bucket list, so off we went.

She’d been there before, about half a century ago, and wanted to see how the place stacked up with her memories. Last time she stayed in the castle tower, this time we only looked around briefly.

Trendelburg Castle isn’t in ruins. It has seen different uses since it was first built in the 13th century (they think), most recently as a hotel, opened in 1949. My wife remembers the rooms as small and dark, but there was a chocolate on her pillow each day. That is important when you are very young.IMG_5915 shrunk

The place certainly has an interesting history. It burned down twice in the 15th century, and once again in the 17th (that fire started by war – the other two I presume by smoking in bed). The place has been rebuilt at least five times.

The US army occupied it during the Second Word War, and it was used as refugee housing once they departed. It has also been occupied by English troops (1761) and French troops (1757) as it has been a popular battleground.

Nowadays it is a tourist destination, adding atmosphere and magic to a vacation. Popular place for weddings too.

Rates seemed reasonable, but I’m unlikely to return for a night’s stay. Not even to check out the torture museum in Rapunzel’s Tower. Did I mention I’ve had enough of castles?


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